EZFluence + Halcyon™

3D field-in-field planning for a Halcyon machine requires more MUs to flatten the beams, thereby requiring longer treatment times. As a result, electronic compensator (or irregular surface compensator) is the preferred treatment method for 3D, forward-planned cases.

Manual fluence editing while using electronic compensator is time-consuming, but EZFluence offers an automated approach. Many clinics have found that EZFluence makes 3D planning significantly easier for Halcyon machines.

  • Fully integrated with Eclipse TPS
  • Generates patient-specific 3D plans in seconds
  • Creates optimal, high-quality homogeneous plans while minimizing max dose
  • Preserves blocks and generates fluence for the flash region
  • Eliminate manual fluence editing
Download her the RadFormation flyer EZFluence_Halcyon_

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