Gafchromic™ radiotherapy films

Gafchromic™ radiotherapy films
Chemistry: Radiochromic Film

Ashland’s Gafchromic self-developing dosimetry film has been created specifically for applications in radiotherapy at the processorless environment of the modern medical center. It supports all major technologies with convenience and cost-savings, complimented by our FilmQA PRO software. The product line includes:

  • EBT3 film for measuring patient dosimetry for IMRT plan verification.
  • EBT-XD film for measuring patient dosimetry with higher doses, such as SRS and SBRT.
  • RTQA2 film for routine machine QA, such as radiation field / light field testing.
  • MD-V3 films for measuring medium- to high-dose dosimetry.
  • HD-V2 film for high-dose dosimetry needs.

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