Our positioning cushions are made of foam of choice with a moisture and dirt resistant coating which is easy to clean. They are available in different models and sizes and provide a soft yet firm support.

Make your custom made cushion in any design, shape and size.

Can be choosen:

  • Your own size cushion! Custom made.
  • Different types of foam
  • Two types of coating: Skinfoam (Polyurethane-coating) or artificial leather.


  • CE
  • Radiolucent from 70-140 kV
  • Most comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Desinfection with undiluted Antifect Liquid (Schülke & Mayr)
  • Color skinfoam: blue or yellow
  • Color artificial leader: blue or black

Example standard cushion set

1 = length
2 = width
3 = height

Different types of foam.
Common used:

  • ET PF176
  • ET PF165

Skinfoam coating, Polyurethane-coating

Artificial leader coating with or without zipper