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SafeID™ is a touchless solution for verifying that the right patient is selected for treatment.

Improving the accuracy of patient identification and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections are two of the key patient safety goals for many modern healthcare systems.

Approximately 1 in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection on any given day.¹

SafeID provides automated, non-contact patient identification in a discreet, easy to access system. The camera simply scans the patient’s face to verify that the right patient is selected for treatment.

SafeID easily integrates into current workflows, reducing the time needed to go through ID at each appointment, whilst helping you to meet those key patient safety goals.

News - 25 April 2019
Patient Safety
  • Entirely non-contact solution for safe use with immuno-compromised patients
  • Proven facial recognition technology used millions of times per month
  • Helps ensure that the correct patient is treated with the right accessories
Patient Experience
  • No need for patients to remember ID documents
  • Conversation can be focused on what is important to the patient regarding their treatment
  • Speedy, easy updates in the therapist’s hands
Workflow Efficiency
  • Setup and patient ID in one, easy to access system
  • Allows accessory setup without workflow delays
  • Highly reproducible QR codes eliminate any loss of connectivity when tracking accessories